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Finse is an important part of the Viking family. She was born in 2012 at Highclere Castle as one of Bella’s litter of nine puppies. Gifted to Karine by her friend Fiona, the Countess of Carnarvon, Finse has been by Karine’s side almost every day since then. Loved by Viking employees and guests alike, Finse has been the inspiration for a series of children’s books about a dog’s journeys around the world, sharing her insights into world cultures with little ones curious to learn. In 2018 Finse became a mummy herself, giving birth to a litter of eight beautiful pups. You can read the Finse Explores the World books here and see some short videos about her below. Finse gives all of you an extra cuddle during these strange times, and hopes to meet you one day.

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Children’s Row: The World of Finse

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